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The most expensive beef ever...

It is believed that the most expensive beef is the Wagyu beef. Originally, the beef are harvested from wagyu cattle which breed in Kobe, Japan. In Kobe, the cattle get special treatments from the farmer. Everiday the cattle are fed with beer, massaged with sake, brushed to set their fur, and fed in grain fedder.

Due to the popularity of wagyu/kobe beef in United States and Europe, its make people try to duplicate the beef. They crossbred the domestically-raised wagyu with Angus cattle. They also apply some of Kobe traditiosn, like fed their cattle with beer and massaged with sake. However, there's still differences between the original Kobe beef and "Kobe style" beef. Some said that the "Kobe style" beef have darker meat and a bolder flavor.


Wow....!!! it's been 6 month since my last post. I've realized that my last post is in last christmast. What a shame, isn't it? hehehehe

During that time, I've been busy with my job. Goin to work from monday to friday is become my regular activities, and it's really killing me. I miss the smell of grilled beef, lamb, pork (yummy..!!!).

But now, I think it's time to smokin' the kithchen again..

So let's grilling dude.